Notes from Shawn Cooley, new President of the Isaiah 58 board;

[Please note the charts, below the periodic entries, that show quarterly summaries of Isaiah 58 activity.

October 4     Tuesday

Sorry everyone I have been behind on posting Monday we had
32 families
135 individuals
6 new families
15 new individuals
Today we had
29 families
125 individuals
5 new families
13 new individuals
Father God I ask for wisdom of what needs to be done and how too go about it! I pray for all the volunteers at Isaiah 58 and all the ones that come in for help…. For we are no different from anyone and we all need your grace. Please forgive use all for our sins for all sins are equal!!!! Amen Amen Amen

September 20 Tuesday

Today was good. We didn’t have a lot of people to day but still had a bunch of new families for the amount that we had.
38 families
113 individuals
7 new families
21 new individuals
Father God I pray that you help our economy and country we need jobs and work in all industries. So many need help including the one that work a full time job it makes it harder for them because the companies are cutting back Here’s our email skc.airheat@gmail.comand won’t pay for more employees. Lord bless all of us for what we need!!! Amen Amen Amen

September 19 Monday

Hello hope everyone is good. Had a meeting today with a funding company don’t know what to do??!! It sounds good but usually when it sounds to good, it is a hoax we will see??!!! Today we had
50 families
75 individuals
5 new families
15 new individuals
Father God give me the wisdom to do what is right for Isaiah. I pray for all the workers that put THIER time in your hands. Please forgive us of our sins and protect us from satin cast him back into the pit he come from!!!
Amen Amen Amen


September 14 Wednesday

Hey hope everyone is good. Sorry late but this is what we had yesterday
50 families
157 individuals
10 new families
27 new individuals
Lord please help our economy, make jobs for all the people out of work and comfort every one in need!! I love you God!!!
Amen Amen Amen

September 13 Tuesday

Short handed today we did pretty good God blessed us to day!!! Today we had
53 families
153 individuals
4 new families
7 new individuals …
Though Christ all thing are possible!!!!! Praise God,and Christ for All things!! ALL THINGS!!! Father God take our hand and lead use where we need to be!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN!!

August 29 Monday

Today was crazy we were wiped out lol so many today we had to day
62 families
215 individuals
7 new families
28 new individuals
Father God please bless all of us, workers and clients!! Please protect us from all evil and dark spirits. Guide us with you will send your Angels for our armor and you Saints to guide us with your will!! We love you God and thank you for forgiving us of our sins and washing us clean with the blood of your son Lord, savor Jesus Christ Amen Amen Amen


August 29 Monday

Well sorry for the late report I played hooky last week
Monday we had
46 families
163 individuals
6 new families
16 new individuals
Tuesday we had
45 families
150 individuals
6 new families
15 new individuals
Thank you lord for all things in life!!

August 16 Tuesday

It was a good day Paul came in and look good prayers have been answered I think!!
Today we had
40 families
105 individuals
4 new families
10 new individuals
We always welcome new families so don’t take this the wrong way, we didn’t have as many new families this week maybe the work force has picked up a little. We pray that it has for everyone’s sack!! Remember the father God is in control of all things and if you have faith in him he will answer all thing it’s hard we are so week in the flesh 😐. Keep your prayers direct and to the point of your needs and don’t pray in repetition for he know your needs before you say them!! Lord guid us with your will thank you for your graces!! Amen Amen Amen

August 15 Monday

A good day thank God for everything!! We have too pray for all things all things!! Today we had
42 families
162 individuals
2 new families
9 new individuals
Thank you father, God for all the graces you give us. We are so blessed!! No matter what we are going through to have you as a savor of us!! Thank you God for the blood of your son to save us from our sins!!! I love you God!! Amen Amen Amen

August 9 Tuesday

We were tested today but it was a enjoyable day had lots of laughs. Today we had
35 families
128 individuals
9 new families
25 new individuals
Thank you God for giving us your will today!! We praise you for everything you do!! And are blessed with your holy sprit that you send us!! Guide us with your saints and protect us with your angels!!
Amen Amen Amen

August 8  Monday

Hello everyone hope all y’all are good. It was a great day here Paul was feeling good enough to make it in God has blessed that man awesome person!! Today we had
35 families
125 individuals
3 new families
14 new individuals
Thank the lord for working in my life and everyone that helps out at Isaiah 58!! Love the Lord and pray to God that’s how things happen!!!
Amen Amen Amen

Aug 2 Tuesday

Every thing went good today nice and smooth was done by 6:00 thanks too all the help we can not do it with out you THANKS PRAISE THE LORD!! Today we had
30 families
114 individuals
10 new families
35 new individuals
Thank the lord for your protection today we are so blessed to have your guiding and graces AMEN AMEN AMEN

Aug 1 Monday

Today was good we all was done by 6:00 we weren’t to wore out today thank the Lord today we had
26 families
108 individuals
7 new families
31 new individuals
Please keep Paul in you prayers he hasn’t felt good so let’s all pray for him!! Praying in the Lord works so let’s get after it!!
Amen Amen Amen

July 26  Monday

Today went good nice a smooth. The intake renew is going good with three doing it 😃😃 we have finished on time the past two days. Thanks to all the help up there. Today we had
47 families
174 individuals
5 new families
19 new individuals
Thank the Lord for every grace that you bless use with. Please bless all that come in for food we all need help some time or another AMEN AMEN AMEN

July 25  Monday

Hello everyone today was a great day!! Paul had doc appointment today he sounded tired but he will be good with all the prayers no worries!! Connie had to work today we all pray that she is blessed with more of it!! Thank the Lord!! Today we had
52 families
203 individuals
9 new families
32 new individuals …
God thank you for all your graces please continue to bless all of us that try to keep your law!! Love you God AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN

July 19  Tuesday

Nice and easy today 3 of us did intake and we was able to breathe lol and drink water lol. I want to say thanks to all the volunteers 😃😃 great work!! And let all pray for Clara she had a medical procedure done the doc said all is good but still we need to pray for her and Paul he has been doing good I think he is tired but the lord will take care of him!! Praise God for all!!! Today we had
42 families
124 individuals
8 new families
29 new individuals
God bless all. You are so great in all ways you teach us so many things with out speaking but when you do it is so mighty and powerful!!

July 18 Monday

It was a long day. I helped and watched mainly watched do the intakes so I can help, God bless Frances and Tammy lol. Reuping the 1555 forms for all the clients takes a long time we got the last client out about 7:45. Man oh man
Today we had
58 families
202 individuals
4 new families
12 new individuals
God bless this country we need your help!!

July 13

Hey everyone sorry report is late but our volunteers have been working overtime! The WTFB physical year ended so we have to renew everyone’s 1555 form it been CRAZY probably close to 600 people this month will be renewed plus all the new families but we can handle it 😬🙏🏻. Monday we had
57 families
196 individuals
12 new families
46 new individuals

Well today went a little better on Frances on intake Tammy helped with entering clients on computer.
Tuesday we had
36 families
138 individuals
12 new families
53 new individuals
Thank all of y’all for your patience!
Lord father God guide us with your will AMEN

July 9

Well again this young man did a great job he made over 1500.00 smack aroos for Isaiah 58 that will buy alittle over 2 tons of food!!! And feed a lot of people!!
Father God keep working though this young man let him do your will!! Keep all outside interference and evil away from him. And give him long life to follow you! Let your Angels and Saints protect him in your and his journey AMEN AMEN AMEN!!

July 6

Hey don’t forget Logan Henry lemonade stand this Saturday also brisket burrito and sandwiches!!’n bring a good donations and feed the family and quench your thirst
Saturday 9:00 – 1:00 have a great day !!!!

July 1

Hey Isaiah 58 fans we still need a walk-in freezer and cooler!!! Please share so we can find one!!!!

Maybe someone needs a ride to come get food!!!

There is no means testing for TRAX. One can be a millionaire in perfect health and still use the service. Please share this post with those it could help. Call TRAX @ 800-245-9028 to schedule a ride. Click on each image below for details.

June 28

Well a long day we were swamped!!! But everything went smoothly the last client went was done at about 7:30 it was worth the long hours so many grateful people even with big order we got wiped out on a few things and we even cleaned the freezers out wow!!! That’s means lot of food going too good use!! Thank the Lord, the Father of all creations I pray for all the people that come in that they are blessed in all ways. And bless the worker that do so much and give them the rest and wisdom they need to prepare for the next week. God send you Angels and Saints too Isaiah 58 to protect the clients and the workers. God I love you!! Amen Amen Amen
Today we had:
67 families
273 individuals
9 new families
38 new individuals
God bless all !!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

June 27

Well a big order from food bank, thanks too me. Ordered a lot of stuff to make up for busy week were not open next week so so we usually double the clients the week before but some stuff I ordered we will have to work too package 😬. And some things did not meet the eye once we got it in from pictures. Well I’ll learn. In the long run it will be ok🙏🏻. We did have a busy day tho, we had today
57 families
213 individuals
9 new families
36 new individuals
God bless all that worked today please give use the rest that we need and protect us from all evil things. Amen Amen Amen
Oh and Paul came in today for a while and did his work he looked great thank the Lord!!! God we pray that you continue to give you grace of healing to him!! Amen Amen Amen
Good night too all
June 24

Family hard at work cleaning eggs up for the clients!! Lots of time go into these equal to gold Items !!

Isaiah 58 Oh and Joan jumped my butt ” don’t you ever take my picture “lol couldn’t resist love all of y’all thanks a million!!🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😀

June 24

Paul and his award he received from the West Texas Food Bank. A good day. And the Isaiah 58 family!!

June 24

I heard a little bit ago Paul is home thank the lord🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻when I know more I’ll let y’all know

June 23

Oh and if anyone knows of someone that has a walkin freezer and a cooler please let us know we need it bad we could give so much more out!!! So please ask around and share this post so all sees it!! Maybe we can find one or two!?!?!?!

Oncore Elec family donated nearly 90 lbs of can good and a cash donation!!!! Thank God every thing helps we have been so blessed the last few weeks so much food has been given away!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻😇😇😇🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

June 23

Well thank the lord Paul’s computer was fixed so we can get all the info off it and get reports done. I haven’t heard a update on Paul past two days I’ll find out and post. And also getting the computers used for clients check in cleaned up and new protection put on all of them been a good day thank the Lord!!

June 22

Hey Tuesday was good too we had
45 families
141 individuals
3 new families
8 new individuals
Thank to everyone

June 22

Hello everyone sorry been a crazy daisy day and week. Sorry post is late.
Well I wasn’t there I had technical difficulties lol but it looks like they were busy!!!
62 families
193 individuals
5 new families
17 new individuals
Wow lol kind of glad I wasn’t there not really GOD BLESS YALL FOR THE WORK!! AMEN

June 14

Well today was awesome we all had fun it seems. Connie worked her butt off sorting can goods while we all pitched in and got everyone though. Oh we got internet back up but Paul’s computer, not going have to try to get it repaired or get all the info off it maybe! We had a steady day all went good. Today we had
34 families
132 individuals
11 new families
33 new individuals
Thank God for the new ones hope we helped out ok.
Father God thank you for this day you blessed us with. Please protect us and bring us all home safe grant us a restful night and awake us with a great day too rejoice in. We love you God the mighty of all things!!! Amen Amen Amen

June 14

Well it was a crazy day yesterday!!! The storms over the weekend zapped our internet and Paul’s computer !!! So we had to do things old fashion write everything lol…. Ben had a meltdown Frances was what ever lol but it all went good they did a great job, went home on their on internet and enter everyone in!! The Servicing food was a mad house nothing went right but we made it go right and got all of the clients though with lots of food. Monday we had
50 families
178 individuals
3 new families
17 new individuals
God blessed us all yesterday we all showed up this morning tired but ready to go!! Thank you Lord for the day!! Amen Amen Amen

June 7

Hey a good day and tired day for all of us we were wore out from yesterday but all is good today we had lot of donated food to give away and still do so be sure to come next Monday. Today we had :
43 families
160 individuals
8 new families
32 new individuals
God bless everyone!!
Lord father God I pray for all that worked to have a restful and sleepily night please protect us tonight and keep evil spirits in the pit where they belong away from us!! I pray these things in your sons name the savor Jesus Christ amen amen amen !!!

Monday  June 6

Well a CRAZY DAY so much food to give away and they all got a basket full GOD BLESSED us today 😃😃😃🙏🏻😇 stay so busy today Isaiah and the job thank the lord !!
We had today:
44 families
170 individuals
5 new families
8 new individuals
God please bless all that come in today please give us the strength too do your will we are so tired today thank you Lord for all I mean ALL you are such a loving GOD thank you for all the GRACES I LOVE YOU LORD!!!! AMEN AMEN AMEN Shawn

Tuesday May 31

Well Logan did a fantastic job with his food drive he brought in 810 pounds of food!!!! I think this young man has heard his calling keep on spreading GOD’S LOVE!!!!! LOGAN THANK YOU SO MUCH HOPE YOU KNOW HOW MANY BELLYS YOU FILLED THE LOVE OF GOD NEVER STOPS!!!!

Isaiah 58's photo.
Isaiah 58's photo.
Isaiah 58's photo.

Monday May 30

Today is Irma’s BIRTHDAY IF YOU KNOW HER LET HER KNOW!!!!! She is such a blessing the big 90 today!!!!!!!
God bless you sweetheart!!!
Love my new friend!!!

Saturday  May 28

A update on Logan Henry’s lemonade stand it’s on July 9th at Isaiah 58 come thirsty and hungry he is going to have smoked brisket sandwiches to go with his lemonade and cookies!!!!!!! Thanks Logan his food drive is going to be picked up Tuesday I hear that he brought in over 700 food items!!!!!🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 thank the Lord!!! God is so awesome!!! Please share so everyone sees this!
Thanks Shawn

Thursday May 26

A correction on Duck race ticket sales it will be at Walmart on the grocery door side on the 3rd of June that’s Friday please go buy tickets, kids will love it even adults will and it a fund raiser for Isaiah 58, “AND COULD WIN A NEW JEEP ”
Have a blessed night!!!!

Tuesday May 24

Hey there!! Good night too all!! Well another big day !!
53 families
182 individuals
9 new families
25 new individuals
It was a great day lot of food give out today and yesterday!! Probably about 4000 to 5000 pounds for the two day WOW!!!
Sad news one person was seen throwing away food after he shopped at Isaiah but the family that seen it went and picked it up, sad deal but happy deal for the ones that seen it they picked up extra for the family of 9 that they had!!!!
Also Joe was a big help today thank you sir!! Also thanks to all that helped that come down! We can always use volunteer help thanks to all!!
Please lead use in the path meant for us. We love you and are doing our best to do your will! And we pray for all that need help with thee! Please grant use a good nights sleep and awake in your glorious day for which we are truly blessed.


Monday May 23

Well it was one heck of a day!!! Oh and Irma was back too serving today a great lady!!!! Short of escorts but we did good!!! Thanks so much too all y’all!! Connie worked her butt off stocking and escorting clients and keeping hand outs organization going on thu the day Awesome lady thanks!!! Thank you Floy for your help in the back it saved use a lot of time !!
We had today:
69 families
222 individuals
4 new families
12 new individuals

We were all give out and need a good nights sleep!!
Lord please bless all of us and give us rest tonight please protect use from evil and help us crush satin with our words of prayer!! We ask these things in the name of the savior Jesus Christ

Thursday   May 19

Well the duck race is coming soon tickets $10 and 5for $50!!! June 4 2016 tickets on sale now at Isaiah 58 and Isaiah 58 will be at Walmart doors May 28th selling them Paul and Patricia will be there!!! And have a chance to will a 2016 JEEP Wrangler

Isaiah 58's photo.


Tuesday May 17

Well, a great day new volunteer Stephanie Worked front desk did a good job! Alittle short on escorts to take people around for shopping but we did good thanks for all that came and helped!!
We had today:
33 families
114 individuals
5 new families
29 new individuals

Thank you Lord for this day. Please let us rejoice in you day that you give us thank you. I pray for protection from evil and dark spirits for all that work and come too Isaiah 58 for help please take our pride away that keeps us from asking for help and asking for your direction. Love you Lord!

Oh and we had a lady that works at VA a nurse and she made a donation. Vary nice lady and touched by the Lord to give!
Thank You Mam have a blessed night and life looking forward to seeing you again!!

Monday May 16

Well a great day stayed steady all afternoon new direction works great, today we had:
40 families
129 individuals
6 new families
19 new individuals
Thank God for the blessings!!!! Thank God for the group working and protect all of us from evil, let us all have a blessed night!!

Sunday  May 15

Logan Henry is having a fund raiser for Isaiah 58 on July 16 at Isaiah 58 parking lot!!!! This young man will have lemonade and cookies and may be something else don’t know for sure what else. PLEASE SHARE THIS AND SHARE AGAIN LOGAN IS A SCHOOL KID THAT HAS Been Doing THIS FOR A FEE YEARS LETS HELP HIM HELP PEOPLE AND FAMILIES THAT NEED FOOD!!
Thanks Shawn

Wednesday May 12                             From the minutes of Wednesday’s board meeting:

“Joe then let everyone know that they are pouring the slab for his
warehouse and he would soon be leaving. He focused on the need for
someone to replace him and he nominated Shaun Cooley. It was seconded
and carried. It is official Shaun Cooley is a new President.”

Tuesday May 10

24 families fed today made up of 77 individuals. 2 new families came in.
Board meeting at 5 tomorrow at Isaiah. 809 Scurry.

Monday May 9

Typical BUSY Monday. Fed 48 families, or 177 individuals. 5 of the families were new clients. Had a new volunteer, thanks Lisa.

Friday  May 6
Board meeting at Isaiah 58 building  May 11 at 5:00 PM.
There are several things that need to be discussed.

1.  How is the new direction of travel for our clients working for everyone?

2.  The storage building for me in Proctor has been started.  I will be moving in the next 4-6 weeks, possibly.
So someone will need to be elected to fill my position.

3.  Logan Henry’s school is having a food drive May 17-25.  They will deliver the food to Isaiah on the 27th.

4.  Logan will have his annual fund raiser on July 16.  He will hold it on the parking lot at Isaiah.  Last year he raised over
$2,000.  We need to get the word out and make this one even better.

Let me know of other items that need to be added to the agenda.

Some added items:

Isaiah 58’s annual fund raiser – The Duck Race – will take place Saturday June 4th
at the water park.  Tickets are $10 each.  There is a chance that someone could win a new vehicle.
Paul has tickets.

Another item to work on:  volunteers and food.  There need’s to be a written policy on volunteers occasionally
taking food from the pantry when it is not their day to shop.  Write down your ideas and turn them in at the
meeting Wednesday.


Tuesday  May 3

Not a big turn out today. We provided food for 21 families – a total of 70 individuals. Only had one new family.

Monday, May 2

They kept us hopping today. 48 families showed up for food. That was a total of 178 individuals. 5 of them were new clients. Thanks for everyone help.

Monday April  25

Folks were hungry today. We provided food for 50 families, consisting of 194 individuals. 5 of the families were new clients. I’d like to thank everyone for their help.

Tuesday April 19

Not quite as busy today. Fed 36 families, 115 individuals. 4 of the clients were new customers. Thanks to all the volunteers for making the afternoon run smoothly.

Monday April 18

Busier today. Fed 48 families, or 159 individuals. 4 of the families were new clients. Expect tomorrow will be about the same.

Tuesday  April 12

Fed 32 families today, 105 individuals. 5 of the clients were new customers.

Monday April 11

Not too bad a day, client wise, at Isaiah. We provided food for 33 families or 101 individuals. 4 of the families were new clients.

Wednesday  Ajpril 6

Frances sent Erma some flowers today from all of us at Isaiah.

Bobby called and asked if I had any crutches.  He had gone to the ER and had a spot on his leg worked on.  It was a spider bite.  I took some
crutches by and dropped them off.  He will be out for a few days.

Tuesday   April    5
I seldom make 3 entries in one day but today was very special. A family came by asking about us, how we operate and asking if they could donate vegetables from their garden. We were all impressed by them. Lynnsey stayed and worked as a volunteer. Looking forward to working with them in the future.

Monday  April 5
Received a call from Blattner Energy today wanting to deliver some food and make a contribution to Isaiah 58. They brought by almost 100 lbs of food plus $1057.00 cash contribution. Thank you so much for this generous donation.

Monday  April 5
Not quite as busy client wise today but still busy. We provided food for 36 families or 128 individuals. 3 of the families were new clients.

Monday  April 3

Very productive day at Isaiah. 45 families or 154 individuals were given food today in 2 hours. There were no new clients. First time that has happened in a long while.

Tuesday March 29

Another busy day. Fed 41 families consisting of 153 individuals. The number of new clients is really increasing, 9 more signed up today.

Monday March 28

Busy day today, provided food for 49 families made up of 170 individuals. 9 of the families were new clients. Thanks to all the volunteers that make this possible.

Monday Mar 21
Isaiah fed 39 families or 128 individuals yesterday. 5 of the clients were new.
Today- Tuesday they provided food for 29 families or 98 individuals. There was one new client in this group.

March 15
We fed 38 families today made up of 114 individuals. 5 of the families were new clients.

March 14
We had a new volunteer come in and work today also. His name is Shawn. He sure made a good hand. Thanks.

Isaiah 58
March 14 at 10:31pm
Nice day here fed 34 families made up of 110 individuals. 5 of the families were new clients.

Isaiah 58
Tues Mar 8, 2016 ..
Not as busy today. Fed 26 families – 91 people. 2 clients were new. Had a new volunteer today. Thanks for you help Sally.

Isaiah 58
Mon March 7
Much busier today. Isaiah 58 fed 52 families made up of 180 individuals. 2 of the families were new clients. Thanks to the volunteers we were finished serving folks by 6 PM.

Isaiah 58
March 1 at 7:56pm ·
Slow day at Isaiah today. 26 families were fed. That was a total of 84 people. Only had one new family show up.

Isaiah 58
Mon Feb 29
Isaiah 58 treated me to a going away lunch today. Had a great turnout. I want to thank everyone for making my day.
We still need someone to post our information on Facebook.

Isaiah 58
Mon Feb 29
We had a fairly busy day today at Isaiah. Fed 44 families consisting of 141 individuals. 4 of the families were new clients.

Isaiah 58

Wed Feb 24

Monday stats: 32 families, 111 individuals. 4 were new clients.
Tuesday stats: 28 families, 108 individuals. 6 weer new clients.

Isaiah 58
Tues Feb 16
Let me clarify my message below. James has NOT quit picking up. He has said that he might. That being said, everyone needs to be on the lookout for someone to take over IF he does stop getting the food from Walmart.
Sorry for the confusion.

Feb 19
I saw James this morning.  He said he would continue to pick up the food from Walmart.

Just wanted to let everyone know.

Isaiah 58
Tuesday AM Feb 16
Isaiah 58 needs some help. We need someone to pickup the food donation from Walmart on Mon, Wed and Fri morning. We have a trailer that can be used to haul the goods. Give me a call if you are interested and I will tell you more about it. 432 270 7879.

Isaiah 58
Tuesday AM Feb 16
Not very busy yesterday. Fed 22 families or 66 individuals. 2 of the families were new clients.

Meeting Notice:

As you all know I will be moving.  Not sure when, but they have started work on the house where we will be living.
The nominating committee has their recommendations and want to present them to everyone.  There will be some discussion and voting.
Meeting:  February 17, 10AM at Isaiah 58.
Let me know if you have any questions or things you want to add to the agenda.


Dora Roberts Foundation Gift of $70,000 !!!!
Enthusiastic and heartfelt thanks to the members of the Foundation for this generous gift, which will provide a lot of food for a lot of people through the Isaiah 58 facility.
Volunteers Needed!

Volunteer needed to keep the facebook page updated.  Also to work the shifts at the center.
It takes 15 volunteers per shift to help in the distribution of the food each shift.
If you are willing and able to help, call 432-270-7879.
Isaiah 58
February 10
Busy morning at Isaiah. I wonder if you will notice the changes next time you are there. Hmmmmm? Thank you “Elders” and Bobby for all your hard work.

Isaiah 58
February 10
Tuesday was not quite as busy. 54 families provided for consisting of 149 individuals. 4 of the families were new clients.

Isaiah 58
February 8 at 10:19pm ·
Another busy Monday. Fed 54 families or 150 individuals, however you want to look at it. 2 of the families were new clients. Thanks to all the volunteers that helped and make Isaiah 58 possible.
Isaiah 58
Fri. Feb 5, 2016
Back to Mondays happenings. Billy from Full Gospel Fellowship came by Isaiah and gave us a NICE check . Thank you Billy and all the folks at your church.

Isaiah 58
Fri. Feb 5, 2016
Tuesday Isaiah fed 38 familes which consisted of 113 individuals. 2 of the familes were new clients.

Isaiah 58
February 3 at 11:21am ·
Isaiah 58 fed 39 families Monday. That was a total of 134 people. 4 of them were new clients.
I was not there on Tuesday. I’ll post those results as soon as I get them.
Isaiah 58
January 26 at 10:27pm ·
Cold wet weather today. 46 families were fed, that was a total of 194 individuals. 7 families were new to Isaiah. We had 3 new volunteers today, thank you Natalie et al. We could not have made it without your help today.
Isaiah 58
January 25, 2016
Had a good day at Isaiah. Not as busy as expected but we still provided food for 37 families or 149 individuals. 5 of the families were new clients. We had 2 new volunteers show up. They sure did make the day go better for everyone. Thank you.

Isaiah 58
January 18, 2016
A slow day at Isaiah. 25 families or 82 individuals were given food today. Had lots of help. 3 of the families were new. I’m betting that tomorrow will be warmer and much busier.

Isaiah 58
January 12, 2016
Another busy day. Provided food for 61 families or 177 individuals. 15 of the clients were new to Isaiah. Needless to say the shelves are bare.


Some Statistics for 2015 as we close the year:
Comparison of our first and fourth quarters to show the growth in our service this past year:

 2015 1st Quarter 4nd Quarter
Food purchased $55,000 76,000
Cost of food $10,000 18,000
Families served 122 123
Individuals served 402 433

We had approximately 30 regular volunteers in 2015
Total volunteer hours:       First Quarter  2096          Second Quarter 1711          Third Quarter 1769          Fourth Quarter  1856
We have had a large increase in the number of clients that we serve.  This rise has resulted in an increase in our costs because we are having to buy more and more food.

Isaiah 58
January 11, 2016
BUSY day. Isaiah 58 provided food for 67 families consisting of 208 people. 6 of the families were new clients.

__________________________________________  Begin 2016 (latest entries above)

Isaiah 58
December 30, 2015 at 12:25pm
And last but not least I want to thank all the volunteers. The service Isaiah provides would not be possible without your help.
Anyone that wants to volunteer is more than welcome.

Isaiah 58
December 30, 2015 at 12:22pm
We were fairly busy at Isaiah yesterday. 53 families picke up food for 213 individuals. 7 of the families were new clients. Hopefully the weather will cooperated and we can get everything running normally in 2016.

Isaiah 58
Dec 16
The Coahoma Church of Christ delivered 419 lbs of food to Isaiah 58 this week. One of the church members also
donated a big refrigerator/freezer to us. Thank you Don and Bruce.

Isaiah 58
December 16
Isaiah 58 received 528 lbs of food from Coahoma Elementary school today. Thank you CISD and thank you Kelly.

Isaiah 58
December 15
Another busy day. Fed 60 families or 184 individuals. 3 of the families were new clients.
Isaiah will not be open next week but we will reopen Dec 28th. Food will still be picked up and sorted on M, W and F except for Friday the 25th. Come on down and give us a hand around 8:45.

Isaiah 58
December 15
Had a record day yesterday. We provided food for 98 families or 340 individuals. 7 of the families were new clients. It was a busy day.


Isaiah 58
December 8
Not too bad a day today. Kinda slow in fact. Provided food for 28 families or 94 people.
5 of the families were new clients.

Isaiah 58
December 8
Looking forward to a good turn out for tomorrows meeting at Isaiah 58 starting at 4:30.
We will discuss the current operation.

Isaiah 58
December 7 at 10:32pm •
We provided food for 41 families today. That was a total of 129 individuals.
Only one new client today.

Isaiah 58
December 7 at 10:30pm •
The Coahoma Church of Christ collected over 600 lbs of food for Isaiah 58
during the month of November. Thank you Eddy and all the church members for that.

Isaiah 58
December 7 at 10:27pm •
We received 158 lbs of food from Dr Wards office today.
That in addition to over $600 they collected and gave to Isaiah 58.
I’d like to thank Dr Ward and all his staff for the time and effort they put into this endeavor.

Isaiah 58
December 6 at 7:21am •
The meeting Wednesday will be held at the Isaiah 58 building. We are at 809 Scurry.

Isaiah 58
December 4 at 12:21pm •
Lets have a meeting of the Isaiah 58 group on Wednesday December 9 at 4:30.
Its been a while since we had one. Let me know of anything that needs to be on the agenda.
I’ve got a few things to pass on to everyone.
Hope you can make it.

Isaiah 58
December 2 at 2:59pm •
Monday, Nov 30, Isaiah 58 fed 40 families consisting of 144 individuals.
Tuesday Dec 1 they fed 34 familes or 145 individuals.
There were a total of 18 new families that signed up for help those 2 days

Isaiah 58
November 24 at 8:04pm ·
Found out that 2 more food drives had been held. Community Federal Credit Union brought Isaiah 203 lbs of food.
Rent A Center brought us 179 lbs of food also.
I’d like to thank each of these entities for their help. Let us know when we can assist you.

Isaiah 58
November 24 at 7:42pm ·
Another busy one at Isaiah. Fed 52 families today consisting of 168 individuals. 5 of them were new clients. Help was a little scarce but we got it done.

Isaiah 58
November 24 at 11:44am ·
I received a call from City Hall that they had held a food drive. Those nice folks brought us 186 lbs of food. I’d like to say thanks to them and invite anyone from City Hall to come over and help on Monday and Tuesday afternoon between 4-6 PM.

Isaiah 58
November 24 at 11:41am ·
There have been some much needed food drives held recently. The federal prison brought us 493 lbs of food. They have been providing volunteer help in the afternoons too. Thanks everyone.

Isaiah 58
November 24 at 11:40am ·
Wow, yesterday was B U S Y. We provided food for 74 families or 277 people. 7 of the families were new clients. Everyone pitched in and helped so we were able to get the folks thru fairly quickly.
Thanks to all the volunteers.

Isaiah 58
November 17 at 10:16pm ·
Not quite as many clients today but we were short of volunteers so everyone was just as busy as yesterday. 47 families came through today, made up of 165 individuals. 3 of the families were new to Isaiah.

Isaiah 58
November 16 at 7:33pm ·
Busy Monday. Fed 67 families today or 198 individuals. 7 of the clients were new ones. Had plenty of help. I want to say thank you to all the regular volunteers and to the folks from the federal prison. We could not have made it without your help.

Isaiah 58
November 14 at 10:20pm ·
James had another successful food drive today. 1270 lbs of food plus $142 in contributions. Thank you James. Thanks to Luci and Bobby for your help.

Isaiah 58
November 10 at 10:42pm ·
I talked with the clients today then with the volunteers about changing the hours of operation. Everyone was in agreement that we should change the operating schedule when the time changes. That would mean our hours of operation would change to 3-5 PM in November then back to 4-6 PM in March. I’d like to hear your comments on this.

________________   Nov 10 about a Food Drive on Saturday Nov 14

Note from the Chamber of Commerce:
MoonRidge Landscaping will be holding a Food Drive benefiting Isaiah 58. Every week Isaiah 58 feeds hungry families all around Howard County. On November 14th Moonridge Landscaping is holding a food and donation drive at Wal-Mart to benefit Isaiah 58. Please come and donate food or monetary donations to help offset the cost of this 100% volunteer based organization. Your monetary donations help pay electric and water bills as well as purchase food. Isaiah 58 feeds over 70 families weekly. Please won’t you come together and help this noble organization.
Tuesday Nov 10

I talked with the clients today then with the volunteers about changing the hours of operation. Everyone was in agreement that we should change the operating schedule when the time changes. That would mean our hours of operation would change to 3-5 PM in November then back to 4-6 PM in March. I’d like to hear your comments on this.

35 families consisting of 124 individuals came in for food today. 7 of them were new clients. Could have used a couple more volunteers.
Monday Nov 9

Reminder: James will be holding a food drive for Isaiah at Walmart this Saturday the 14th starting around 9 AM.

The folks from the federal prison came by Isaiah and helped us feed the hungry this afternoon. Sure was glad to see you folks. Looking forward to next week when you come back. Thanks.

Isaiah 58 fed 38 familes f consisting of 120 individuals. $ of the families were new clients.

Weekly Update
Nov 2-8 Previoue Week Trend
Page Visits 12 9 33.30%
Weekly Total Outreach 47 45 4.40%
People engaged 5 9 -44.40%
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Blessings on all our donors and volunteers for your generosity.

Your donation is tax deductible. Give us a call at 432 263 4758. Leave a message. Or call Joe at 432 270 7879.

Here is how we are doing so far this year!
2015 Lbs Purchased Lbs donated Cost Families fed
Jan-Mar 55,000 31,000 $10,000      2994
Apr-Jun 49,000 32,000 $13,000      3237
Jul-Sep 62,000 41,000 $15,000      3385


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Isaiah 58 is a Christian assistance ministry inspired by God’s word in Isaiah 58:7-8 (Is it not to share your food with the hungry and when you see the naked, to clothe him and not to turn away?  Then your light will break forth like the dawn, and your healing will quickly appear, then your righteousness will go before you and be glory of the Lord will go before you and the glory of the Lord will be your rear guard).

We distribute food, clothing, emergency prescription help, and in cooperation with West Texas Opportunities, Salvation Army, and Northside Community Center emergency one time rent and utilities help when we have sufficient funds.  We provide these services to people without regard to race or religious faith.

Need is only the requirement and determinant for the services.  Quantities are based on income and number of members in the family.

We are in constant need of funds, volunteers, food, clothing and above all PRAYER.

To volunteer your time, money, or goods, please call Joe at the number below.

To contact us, please call Joe at 432-270-7879.